Injury, what injury!…..

We get all injuries from time to time, whether a minor niggle, inherent weakness, or a long term injury. It can be a depressing time if we allow negative thoughts to outweigh our normal well adjusted approach to running. So here, gained from long experience of being on the sidelines, are Ed's do's of managing an injury.

Harrier Autumn Newsletter

And so dear Harrier another summer of warm sunshine with occasional showers begins to wane as the shortening evenings draw their shadowy tentacles across the early evening sky, indicating the…

Cross Country Presentation Evening

With winter a distant memory the exploits in the mud and cold of the last cross country season were celebrated in style at the club’s presentation evening held on 21st April.

Foulées Dainvilloises

  5 Harriers ventured across to Dainville on the weekend of 2 and 3 April to take part in the 25th edition of the Foulèes Dainvilloises  running event on the Sunday. Dainville…